Our Workshops Will
Enhance Your Skills
and Uplift Your Spirit

Our programs are an amazing opportunity to teach and learn at the same time,
and to become an official Certified Facilitator in our worldwide growing community.

Our programs will provide you with the skills, techniques, mindset and support to develop others, and to become a master in our heart-opening and mind-blowing facilitation style.

You’ll get access to our expansive knowledge, creative content, branded materials and an exclusive business opportunity – start facilitating our official workshops in your country!

Our Workshops Take Place
Face-to-Face or Online

Experience the Power of

Get familiar with phototherapy and see how visual imagery can be used to bypass cognitive filters and give easier access to imagination, intuition, resources and unconscious

Expand Your Professional Toolkit

See our Tools and Method in action and learn how to apply them in diverse settings, audiences and purpose.

Expand Your Professional Toolkit

See our Tools and Method in action and learn how to apply them in diverse settings, audiences and purpose.

Turn Your Knowledge
Into Profit

Becoming a Points of You® Certified Facilitator will allow you to facilitate our official award-winning workshops,
offer new solutions to your existing clients and reach new audiences.

And There’s
Much More!

  Inner-research Journey

Get fresh views about yourself and your life. Observe your patterns, boundaries, priorities
and potential. Ask yourself important questions that can take you beyond.

  Pause. Breathe. Listen

Allow yourself to take a pause and to listen to your thoughts, body,
feelings and heart. Increase your capacity to experience joy, contentment, stillness and creativity

  Be Part of a Global Tribe

An amazing opportunity to create connections, network and share knowledge
with expert professionals from all over the world.

  International Accreditation

Our Academy programs grant you with International Coaching Federation CCEU’S, and allow you to facilitate accredited workshops for others.

  Hold A Safe Space

Learn how to create the perfect setting for a deep and authentic dialogue. Become an expert in holding a space that allows participants to open up and express their passions, fears, challenges and vulnerability.

  Therapeutic Photography Techniques

Learn how to produce positive change and improve well-being by using diverse photographic practices.
Learn the healing power of creative expression and embracing traumatic experiences through therapeutic photography

  Create Your Own Unique Workshop

Learn how to work with your strengths to build the workshop of your dreams from A to Z.
You’ll be guided through the development process, challenged to dare, have the safe space to practice and receive priceless feedback.

  Enjoy Ongoing Business Support

We provide holistic business support that will be with you every step of the way.
Monthly online meetings, ongoing sales training, and marketing materials that are tailor-made for your needs.